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Crypto Domains by PeerName

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The current domain name system is fundamentally broken, and centrally managed by one organization (ICANN).

The problem is, the current centralized domain system has led to unprecedented government surveillance, domain censoring, website seizing and relentless hacking on the Internet.

So, what’s the solution? Blockchain technology—the exact same tech behind Bitcoin.

Blockchains are growing exponentially and changing many aspects of our life already—especially the domain name system, making it possible to register completely decentralized domain names. This technology makes it possible to create domains which can’t be seized, stopped or censored—and fast-track secure P2P communications.

This technology is on very early stage and the registration of these domains is still difficult.

That’s why PeerName is the first company to make registration of decentralized domains fast and easy. Via our web-based interface, you can register domains like in any other traditional domain name registrar.

The most popular Blockchain-based domain names are: .bit, .coin, .eth and .lib, and other extensions are already on their way. The future is in blockchain-based domains—and one of these extensions will become the next .com equivalent of the Internet.

Register your brand name now in the new extensions. Don’t let your competition overtake you!



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