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πŸ”΄ How To Protect Your Crypto From A SIM Swap Hack! – Crypto Security & Tips – Crypto 101

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Protect Against SIM Swap
DO NOT make your cell number public! Avoid publishing your number on forums, social media or giving it to strangers you do not know. Use a Google Voice Number that forwards to your main number if you need to publish a number in public.

Utilize an account PIN number with your phone carrier. Major US phone carriers offer you the option of putting a PIN or a passcode on your account.

Have two phones – one that is for normal use and the other for your exchange accounts only. Keep the latter very private.

Utilize an offline device for 2FA – unconnected phone, tablet such as an iPad etc.

You’re A Victim Of SIM Swap
If your smartphone suddenly stops working, or messages stop going through, you know you’ve lost your SIM. Act immediately, get to your nearest carrier store or call them from a working phone.

Security Tips
Utilize a hardware wallet such as a Ledger Nano X
Utilize Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for your exchange logins and email logins.
Avoid publicly sharing the email you use for exchange logins
Exchange I.P. Whitelist – limits withdrawals to only the IP address you input.

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