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Jonathan Keim, communications director of CryptoCurrencyWire, had his usual triplet of developments in the crypto space, starting with the news (http://ccw.fm/dOLR0) that ‘Metal Pay Partners with TRON Allowing TRX to be Bought Instantly’. Metal Pay, [More]
March 13, 2020. The latest news from the cryptocurrency/blockchain space with CryptoCurrencyWire’s Communications Director, Jonathan Keim. Whether you’re a little wet behind the ears in the world of cryptocurrency or you have been blazing the [More]
Coin market cap was likely the culprit responsible for yesterday’s crypto sell off. CNBC Continues non-stop coverage of Ripple. We head over to the Crypto Mondays meetup in NYC. Those stories and more in today’s [More]
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Is it realistic to expect Cryptocurrency to grow more? How does cryptocurrency’s market capitalization compare with the amount of money in the world? 1,000,000,000 (one billion) (9 zeros) 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) (12 zeros) 1,000,000,000,000,000 (one [More]
Over the last few days the cryptocurrency market has reached a critical leevel, the 0.702 Fibonacci Retracement level for the Total Altcoin Market Cap. This is the key level that must break for us to [More]
Developed markets are doing well vs EMs – Alchemy Cap For more information: Subscribe – www.youtube.com/etnow to get latest business news,analysis and updates. Follow – www.dailymotion.com/etnow to get latest video updates.
Expect market rally to continue going forward : Ambit Cap For more information:Subscribe – www.youtube.com/etnow to get latest business news,analysis and updates.Follow – www.dailymotion.com/etnow to get latest video updates.
The total value of shares on Korea’s KOSPI and KOSDAQ stock markets now amounts to more than two-thousand trillion won,… or nearly two trillion U.S. dollars.According to Korea Exchange on Tuesday,… stocks on the two [More]
We discuss the under and overvaluation of the total cryptocurrency marketcap and how you can use it to better identify local bottoms and speculative bubble peaks. Join the Premium List: https://intothecryptoverse.com/ Alternative Option: https://www.patreon.com/intothecryptoverse Telegram: [More]
00:53 Market Update 01:25 ETH vs Lightning Network 03:05 Ethereum Addresses Surge (40 million) 04:36 USDT 3rd place market cap 05:41 Did Satoshi Nakomoto Create Selloff? References: Ethereum Now Holds Four Times More Bitcoin Than [More]
If you are looking for coins and tokens that undervalued as of right now, ive compiled a list of 10 Tokens/coins that have possibility of making very high moons if everything goes to best scenario. [More]
We talk about NIMIQ. The arm of WEG, Ten31 have got something BIG coming up with this low market cap token. You can get it on Kucoin: https://bit.ly/2L5vzXf BUY NIMIQ & FREE $15! on KUCOIN: [More]
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Hi, I am the Blockchain Backer, bringing you the latest crytocurrency news and analysis. The content of my channel primarily focuses on crypto news, motivation, and chart analysis on the XRP chart, Bitcoin chart, various [More]
Investing.com – Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) will be worth $1 trillion in a year. That’s the prediction of Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS). In a note to clients, the Wall Street firm said Microsoft’s strong cloud business will drive [More]
http://www.gosreports.com/global-milling-cutter-edge-market-research-report-2017/ http://www.gosreports.com/global-disc-milling-cutter-market-research-report-2017/
MANILA, Philippines – The Energy Regulatory Commission has lowered the maximum price power producers can sell electricity at in the spot market to avert the kinds of spikes the Supreme Court has issued a TRO [More]
Mid day market tracker by J Thunuguntla: SMC Cap
At 9.50 am, D-Mart share price surged to a record-high of Rs1,608.50, up 1% from previous close, lending the firm a market capitalisation of Rs100,171.80 crore. The achievement came after D-Mart promoter Radhakishan Damani sold [More]
Market is seeing a phase of consolidation: Elara Cap For more information:Subscribe – www.youtube.com/etnow to get latest business news,analysis and updates.Follow – www.dailymotion.com/etnow to get latest video updates.
Shares of Apple’s suppliers across Asia were hit as the company missed earnings targets Other smartphone manufacturers Samsung and LG also suffered. Apple was down 0.5% in premarket US trading on Tuesday. Apple’s stock dropped [More]
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Using the metric of the US dollar, examine with us the snapshots of cryptocurrency’s total market cap over the last 2.5 years. Which coins have come and gone? What rate of growth (or shrinkage) has [More]
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There is blood in the streets! Do we panic or do we keep our cool? In this video TraderCobb gives you his thoughts on the biggest cap of the crypto space Subscribe on our Youtube [More]
Welcome to Cryptocurrency world Cryptocurrency is an encrypted decentralized digital currency transferred between peers and confirmed in a public ledger via a process known as mining. There are more than 700 cryptocurrencies.Bitcoin is first decentralized [More]