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10 Rupees Rare Mule coin of India. Sell 10 Rs coin to direct buyer. Most Expensive 10 Rupees ten old coin Selling in a high price of ₹20,000 Topics covered 10 Rs coins 2008-2010 10 [More]
30 to 500 Pesos buying po ako, mag start na po akong mag collect ng BSP series na coins, yung 1 piso lang po muna 1995 to Present. Uncirculated to Brilliant uncirculated lang po ang [More]
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ONE RUPEE COIN  : Year of  1972 & 1985.\rNow the collectors stop collecting the coin 1971. So please dont searching the coin 1971. It has now Zero value.     (CONDITION) : Weight is above 9 gram.\r\rThese coins are rare but [More]
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Mexico (Estados Unidos) Type Common coin Years 1970-1983 Value 50 Centavos (0.50 MXP) Metal Copper-nickel Weight 6.5 g Diameter 25 mm Thickness 1.90 mm Shape Round Orientation Coin alignment ↑↓ Demonetized 11-15-1995 References KM# 452, [More]
We are giving you a 1973 penny value and talk about valuable penny and error coins to look for! Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more [More]
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